Mamukko is a family business currently run by wife & husband, Nora and Attila Magyar.

Here we are:

Nora and Attila Magyar Mamukko Ltd

Brothers, Levente and Attila Magyar, 1st generation Up-cylers, in 2011, founded what has become, a multiple award winning company in Kinsale, Co, Cork.


Inspired by a combination of Levente’s studies in fine art, growing up immersed by their 5th generation leather working parents and personal interests in environmental issues, idetermined the brothers directions..


Plotting true North, they decided to team their family Leather heritage with salvaged materials, despite social unfamiliarity with the nature of Up-cycling at the time, and advice it would never work. The duo adventurers welcomed their parents training and transference of family trade secrets, whereby, Mamukko was born.


Early days the brothers tested and transformed all sorts of materials into bags. Early customers may have historic collectables made of tarpaulin, rope, window blinds and fire hose.


Evolution to what we now see in their products, came when a used sail was offered to them locally, made of Dacron. Their vision amended and improved on finding ample supplies of nautical material in their home town. 


We do it for the love, not for the likes. It’s our karma. Upcycling is a mission, not a competition. We chose sewing machines as a weapon for upcycling and hope we inspire others to do something creative that does no harm the Earth. Proudly carry on our family heritage and hope to pass on our skills and business to our son on day who will be 10 this year.“ -Attila Magyar, co-founder of Mamukko


Founders Levente and Attila with some of their sewing machines

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 Mamukko is all about upcycling consciously fuelled by creativity & passion.The result is unique, original creations.
We use traditional leather craftsmanship & skills inherited from our parents Arpad ( Jack ) Magyar & Erzsebet Magyar ( Mamcika ) to upcycle & circulate our textiles creating an eco-eclectic & original style of our own.

Working with upcycled materials is important to our ethos of sustainable and eco-conscious product development.”

We are honored for having received the following awards in Ireland:

2017 – Best Upscaled Fashion Product Retailer

2017 – Excellence Award for Sustainable Fashion Accessories 

2017 – Irish Enterprise Awards

2016 – Culture Trip Local Favourite Award

2014 – Winner @  “Institute of Designers in Ireland Design Awards 2014”

            Category: “Design Sustainability” 

2014 – Highly Commended Award @ “Institute of Designers in Ireland Design Awards 2014”

            Category:  “Craft Design: Hand Made Product” 

2014 – Shortlisted for “Branded Goods IP Awards” at “The Intellectual Property Awards 2014”

2014 – Finalist @ “Green Awards 2014”

            Category:  “The Waste to Business Resource Award”

2014 – “Highly Commended Award” @ “Showcase Best Product Awards 2014”

Category: Accessories

2013 – Silver Award” @ “Startup Awards 2013” 

Category: Green Startup of the Year

Our philosophy is simple.

  • To create authentic & original bags ( products ) from selected reclaimed sails, liferafts, leather & other textiles.
  • Each & every Mamukko bag is handcrafted by us in our workshop in Kinsale, Ireland. We love every single aspect of this nice circulatory road from sourcing the sails, liferafts & other fabrics to stitching the pieces together & taking the pictures while we listen to our records played on a Technics 1210 turntable.

A bit more about the uniqueness of our products.

  • Each one off & limited edition Mamukko has a unique serial number hand-stamped onto the bag or on a stitched in label.
  • Our stitched in labels are made from upcycled sailcloth & hold the serial number ( product sequence number ), the batch number & the fabrics used to make the bag.
  • Our business model & production style is not a traditional one. We design & make new products every single week. We keep templates of ( nearly ) all the products we make but as a result of the amount of new designs we create we stop making some of the “old” designs.
  • We are always “limited” to the fabrics we source. This is why we make limited edition small batch series & one off designs. We could repeat some of the designs ( depending on the quantity of certain sails or fabrics we have ) but we enjoy & prefer reinventing ourselves & constantly coming up with new innovative ideas & products.
  • We constantly update our shop with new products so please come back again once in a while if you are curious what Mamukko will cut & stitch in the future.

The future is green! 

Thank you for reading our story


The Mamukko Team

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Camper – Mamukko


Spring 2017, Mamukko was thrilled to receive the vibrantly coloured Camper Sail arriving from Spain. Tones of Ruby Red, Peach and White made for the perfect summer vibe in their Kinsale shop this season. And what a journey the Camper sail has had! Nine months at sea during the Volvo Ocean Race in 2011, the Camper team crossed the finish line in Galway, putting them in second place overall. Since the sails retirement, the Mamukko brothers have revived the Irish connection by making unique upcycled bags from the sailcloth.

The Camper edition has a wide range of designs, from small pouch, clutch, cross body, classic tote, hold-all duffel and more to come. There is something for everyone whether functional, fashionable or purely ecological. These products have a unique story to tell.

Mamukko is founded and run by Hungarian brothers Attila Magyar (managing director) and Levente Magyar (creative director). With four generations of leather-crafting behind them, they have added a twist of sailcloth, emergency life-raft and fish netting into their handmade designer bags. The Camper sail has added a burst of colour with red sailcloth mixed with genuine leather, making a beautiful quality handcrafted product 100% made in Kinsale.

Camper calls home to the Balearic island of Mallora, but for this particular sail, the Irish connection remains strong here in Kinsale. These bags are uniquely made, piece by piece inside the Mamukko Workshop just outside of town. Many times these one off products are made in the morning and bought from the shop the same afternoon. Such a localized and transparent level of production makes for a close knit web between the two Mamukko crafters and their supporting community. A detail oriented combination of used marine fabrics, new leather, innate passion, and expansive imagination has developed Mamukko into its own vessel, navigating through a modernizing concept of a sustainable marketplace.

With a wide variety of styles from gear bags to the classic tote, along with hats and belts to accessorize, these products continues to impress newcomers while inspiring a conscious shift within those who cross its’ path. Mamukkos’ manifesto is based within the concept of change, toward a more sustainable, conscious global market and making such products available to those who appreciate the connective cause.

Mamukkos’ products always connect back to the previous purpose or story of a specific sail and what route it took at sea. As for the Camper sail, a nine month trip around the world proves to be both inspiring and instinctive to have as part of one’s proud possessions. Mamukko shows commitment to fashionable functionality with momentum into a future global market.

Repurposing marine fabrics requires great imagination in design, making it a fun, creative process along the way. As nautical parts of the fabrics are often incorporated into a product, it connects consumers to a real life story, which they can carry with them. These unique details enhance the connection between maker, product and buyer, in turn supporting the cyclical nature of conscious consumerism.

The Mamukko brothers would like to give a big thank you to all their past and present supporters both local and global, for without their curiosity and excitement of these new concept products, Mamukko would not be possible. On a path of change for the greater good, please keep an eye out for new products with a purpose both in the Kinsale Shop and online.

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