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The Quest

The Quest Futuristic male/female utility bum/fanny belt, cross over one shoulder backpack multifunctional hot off the press tools groover's spacers bevellers and sharp knives Mamukko shop handy man belt bag shiny exterior gloss patina Hugo Boss black sail natural rubber liferaft hardwearing cow hide airplane buckle extra pockets balanced companion "Holy Grail' Touch Clutch elegant couple promenade down the red carpet at the latest movie premiere mans bag tailored suit MacGyver tools kit bag life’s little emergencies party fast moving motor bike James Bond James Bondesque-like missions rescue adaptable always be on the ready exudes compatibly matched qualities #gp your own way #sail #ecourban #designs #liferaft # bags # mamukko #sustainable #fashion First Limited Edition. New Product Launch Extremely Collectable Exclusive mamukko brothers kinsale ireland awards sustainable eco friendly landfill rescue up cycled upcycle remnants diverse shoulder bag document cross body cross over portfolio popular case sleeve bag carbon fiber leather mixed media sailcloth old leather new leather 3dl sumbrella natural decommissioned liferaft sail repair tape High preforming repurposed



The Holy Grail

mamukko brothers kinsale Imoca 60 Hugo Boss sail Sparkle winter solstice untarnished shiny silver reflects the light tactile hi-tech UV protective patina special formula nonverbal Inexplicable feelings arise two toned mottled fibrous muscles joints Vendée Globe Holy Grail solo sailors high flyer ireland awards sustainable eco friendly landfill rescue up cycled upcycle remnants diverse popular mixed media sailcloth old leather limited first edition new product launch case handle strap airplane seat leather hugo boss imoca 60 sailcloth hi-tech fabric uv protective layer sleeve bag



Mama, Papa & Baby Bird Pocket Purses




Keep Close Kevlar Camper  Clutch
mamukko camper upcycled sustainable volvo ocean race eco friendly make up bag purse sail hand made

Lifelover Kevlar Camper Tote

Neat, clean cut, holiday, marine, sun feel, clutch, best friend,. Camper, retains personal items safe phone, glasses, make up items pick up on the spot,raced “Camper Lifelovers” yacht, New Zealand, Asia, India, Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, Mediterranean, Spain,America,. Blown around the world on the Volvo Ocean Race, good travelling companion that knows the way, feel adventurous “Keep Close” this Kevlar Camper Tote Cannes film festival Mamukko Shop, unusual variations, Camper sail, loved, up cycled nautical material, challenge, sewing machine needles extremely hard to cut hi-tech strength layers of micro fibers, deep Raspberry, white peach orange fruits of the land sea "Lifelovers' yacht around the world the Volvo Ocean Race spring summer weather perfect French Riviera style holiday Cannes film festival absolutely stunning beaches marina's breezy tan, white shine practical holding space leather zipped top inner airplane seat leather pocket Class hold overnight gear privateLiferaft Laptop 13′ Bag

mamukko upcycled liferaft eco friendly bag sustainable laptop 13"


With Every Fibre… Carbon Fibre Liferaft Laptop Bag       SPECIAL ORDER

mamukko carbon fibre liferaft leather mixed media up cycled sailcloth sustainable eco friendly laptop document crossbody bag


Backie Bagpack

mamukko upcycled recycled sustainable eco friendly backpack


Lobster Pot Holdall

mamukko eco friendly sustainable weekender holdall upcycled liferaft

Liferaft Duffle Deluxe        SPECIAL ORDER

Liferaft Website front _ liferaft _ logo

 Eco – Urban DJ Vinyl Messenger

Unisex, cross-body, messenger bag, showcases, multi-functional use, multi-mixed media combinations, decommissioned natural rubber, liferaft, leather, cotton-webbing strap, upcycled, upcycled materials, hardwearing, weather resistant, errands bag, office bag, overnight bag, documents, devices, 15 vinyl’s and a few 45s, Dj, Dj bag, Dj messenger, bros, edition, cool, cool bag, unique, grunge, style features, charcoal black, orange, silver, matt black finish, weathered, UV filter, Hugo Boss sail, Mamukko, leather, closed shoe factory, emergency inflatable life vests, rubber, liferaft, hands, materials, distinctive, craft, experimented, unwanted materials, repurposed, toughest, most advanced technical, scientific cloth, examined, diverse, extreme weather conditions, Professional yacht racing, endurance tests, design, human resilience, acute extremes, Mamukko family, Pioneers of their craft, tested to human endurance, physically work by hand, carbon fibre, transforming, sail, high-end, functional, heirloom, art piece, respect, Hugo Boss Sail, imoca 60, monohull race, Extremely Collectable, Exclusive, mamukko, brothers, kinsale, Ireland, awards, sustainable, eco friendly, landfill, rescue, upcycled, upcycle, remnants, diverse,


 Liferaft Tote

2DSC_5201 copy


Got It All Supply Satchel  SPECIAL ORDER

mamukko sustainable eco friendly upcycled satchel messenger bag



“The Spirit of Ireland”

Vol 2 Issue 4 / Autumn 2018

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Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 15.33.50


Camper – Mamukko



Spring 2017, Mamukko was thrilled to receive the vibrantly coloured Camper Sail arriving from Spain. Tones of Ruby Red, Peach and White made for the perfect summer vibe in their Kinsale shop this season. And what a journey the Camper sail has had! Nine months at sea during the Volvo Ocean Race in 2011, the Camper team crossed the finish line in Galway, putting them in second place overall. Since the sails retirement, the Mamukko brothers have revived the Irish connection by making unique upcycled bags from the sailcloth.

The Camper edition has a wide range of designs, from small pouch, clutch, cross body, classic tote, hold-all duffel and more to come. There is something for everyone whether functional, fashionable or purely ecological. These products have a unique story to tell.

Mamukko is founded and run by Hungarian brothers Attila Magyar (managing director) and Levente Magyar (creative director). With four generations of leather-crafting behind them, they have added a twist of sailcloth, emergency life-raft and fish netting into their handmade designer bags. The Camper sail has added a burst of colour with red sailcloth mixed with genuine leather, making a beautiful quality handcrafted product 100% made in Kinsale.

Camper calls home to the Balearic island of Mallora, but for this particular sail, the Irish connection remains strong here in Kinsale. These bags are uniquely made, piece by piece inside the Mamukko Workshop just outside of town. Many times these one off products are made in the morning and bought from the shop the same afternoon. Such a localized and transparent level of production makes for a close knit web between the two Mamukko crafters and their supporting community. A detail oriented combination of used marine fabrics, new leather, innate passion, and expansive imagination has developed Mamukko into its own vessel, navigating through a modernizing concept of a sustainable marketplace.

With a wide variety of styles from gear bags to the classic tote, along with hats and belts to accessorize, these products continues to impress newcomers while inspiring a conscious shift within those who cross its’ path. Mamukkos’ manifesto is based within the concept of change, toward a more sustainable, conscious global market and making such products available to those who appreciate the connective cause.

Mamukkos’ products always connect back to the previous purpose or story of a specific sail and what route it took at sea. As for the Camper sail, a nine month trip around the world proves to be both inspiring and instinctive to have as part of one’s proud possessions. Mamukko shows commitment to fashionable functionality with momentum into a future global market.

Repurposing marine fabrics requires great imagination in design, making it a fun, creative process along the way. As nautical parts of the fabrics are often incorporated into a product, it connects consumers to a real life story, which they can carry with them. These unique details enhance the connection between maker, product and buyer, in turn supporting the cyclical nature of conscious consumerism.

The Mamukko brothers would like to give a big thank you to all their past and present supporters both local and global, for without their curiosity and excitement of these new concept products, Mamukko would not be possible. On a path of change for the greater good, please keep an eye out for new products with a purpose both in the Kinsale Shop and online.

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