Mamukko’s Family Sustainability Quest: A Workshop designed for Families

Join Mamukko for an unforgettable upcycling and handcrafting adventure with master makers and upcyclers Nora & Attila Magyar!

Step into the exciting world of upcycling, where discarded materials find new life and purpose. This workshop isn't just an introduction to upcycling; it's a creative journey guided by master artisans. By transforming old sails and other materials into unique items, you’ll experience the magic of giving these materials a second chance to shine.

Discover Mamukko’s Unique Craft Heritage

At Mamukko, we combine our passion for craftsmanship with a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our family business, founded by Nora & Attila Magyar, transforms discarded sails and reclaimed materials into beautiful, functional products. Each creation tells a story of transformation and carries the spirit of the sea. By joining our workshop, you’ll gain insight into our creative process and the principles that guide our work.

Listen to Our Stories

Nora & Attila Magyar will share their journey from humble beginnings to becoming renowned upcyclers. Hear about their adventures, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the moments that fuel their passion for sustainable craftsmanship. These stories will inspire and connect you with the heart of our family business.

Use Heritage Tools

Experience the joy of working with tools that have been passed down through generations in our family. These heritage tools are more than just instruments; they are pieces of our history. Feel the legacy of craftsmanship in your hands as you engage in activities that honor the past while building a sustainable future.

Go Your Own Way, Upcycle your Mamukko

Our workshops are not just about learning a new skill; they are about experiencing the joy of creativity and craftsmanship. Nora & Attila Magyar are dedicated to inspiring and educating families through their passion for upcycling. You’ll leave with not only a new skill but also a tangible reminder of your contribution to a more sustainable world.

"You will learn about and will gain hands on experience in processes that are part of our unique production model as well as use some of our well respected machinery and treasured tools we inherited from our parents and hopefully pass on to our son. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our world of upcycled magic." Attila Magyar Co - founder and owner, 5th generation leather worker
Date & Time: upon agreement via phone or email
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Mamukko Workshop
Price: € 75 / person
Booking: Email: / Phone: 085 734 2004

Children are welcome if supervised by an adult. Spaces are literally limited, so secure your spot now and create something beautiful with us!

Testimonial from one of our previous workshops:

'Mammuko is a wonderful shop and design studio that specialises in creating stunning bags and accessories from recycled sails and repurposed leather. We had an enriching two-hour workshop there, part of our year-long Let’s Fix Fashion Campaign, which brought together students from Ireland and Kenya to explore circular fashion and sustainability. This initiative culminated with three Kenyan students visiting Ireland for an educational exchange. During their visit, they participated in the Mammuko workshop alongside their Irish peers to learn about circular design and upcycling.'
Attila and Nora, the creative forces at Mamukko were exceptional in demonstrating their circular design techniques and generously shared the stories behind their business. This really brought the story and mission of Mamukko to life for all of us. The workshop proved to be not only educational but deeply inspiring for all of us. A wonderful workshop that we, in Green-Schools Ireland would highly recommend!'
Birgit O’Driscoll - Senior Theme Coordinator Global Citizenship Education at Environmental Education Unit, An Taisce

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