Vinyl Love Messenger


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“Mamukko _ “Vinyl Love Messenger”

The story. We are both DJs & record collectors so was high time to craft ( again ) some eco – urban messengers bags that carry your vinyls & stuff on your urban adventures. Based on a design we used for some bags we made back in 2012 ( hm… long time 🙂 ) from tarpaulin; we created the 2017 version of our Vinyl Love Messenger from ocean race sail, liferaft + airplane seat leather. Despite its name this bag is a unisex everyday cross body messenger bag as well, not only a vinyl bag.

Unique features:

* Front & back piece cut from an IMOCA 60 Alex Thomson Hugo Boss sail

* Flap from a decommissioned Viking liferaft

* Leather side & bottom repurposed from a closed Irish shoe factory

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko brothers

* Adjustable heavy cotton shoulder strap

* Unique bag ID #6125


* Front pocket from a reclaimed Turkish Airlines airplane seat leather

* Fits 15 12″ vinyls

* Flap closes with with a plastic buckle

* Heavy duty marine grade buckle to adjust shoulder strap

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after with Adler & Singer  sewing machines

* Size: 33 X 32 X 7 cm

Please note! Liferafts have an adventurous life & can carry elements of wear but have been thoroughly washed before we stitched the pieces together!

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