tallship astrid handbag mamukko sailbag

Tallship Astrid Mini Handbag


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Mamukko _ “Tallship Astrid Mini Handbag”

Representing a piece of history this bag is one of only 6 made. We have salvaged the sails from the Astrid Tallship which went aground off the coast of Kinsale in 2013. Having made many unique pieces, these are some of the last to come out of our workshop as the material is coming to an end.


* Uniques serial number, signed by designer Levente Magyar

* 6 made only from a Tallship Astrid square sail < 2 more in stock >

* Italian veg tan cow hide leather trimmings

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko brothers

* Tallship Astrid logo on the front

* Sailcloth organically fused with brown leather components

* Inside leather pocket

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler & Singer sewing machines

* Handmade embossed leather Mamukko label

* Size: 29 X 12 X 9 cm


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