Squib Lobster pot Holdall 2021



I SQUIB you not!


Yes, not Squid, but Squib! Interesting how a little detail, such as a mirror reflection of the letter d, becomes a bdb. Evocative of the Magyar’s upside down mirror reflection in MAMUKKO’s subtle stamp, revived this year on their up-dated logo.


Both a marine Squid, which is a cephalopod, and a literary Squib, a short witty skit, fire quickly from the head, the former to cloud the view, the latter to uncover it.


Further, a legal Squib is a short verbal action that cuts the dross, often between two cases that have lost their way. Squibs spurt out the hidden solution both missed.


Upcycled, durable sought after materials, hand made by 6th generation crafters with care, on industrial machines, sailed Kinsale harbour, double lined AND padded! Inner zipped pocket. Not just for overnight but a life-time…more! CAN YOU REALLY AFFORD TO MISS THIS ONE?!


Get the finger out and snap it up. Only four remaining. 



GO YOUR OWN WAY, that’s why it’s our hashtag! 

Available on backorder


Squib Lobster Pot Holdall 2021



Lobsterpot Holdalls, so far, have been made in Liferaft rubber (correct me) This is one piece sail, from zip to zip. SOS orange acentuates the edge and encourages inward exploration. The zip pull, in delectable soft leather with silver foiled MAMUKKO principle, aids the zip open fast and easy, like cutting into soft butter.


The ends remain rubber, one side has a green fishing net pocket or access to frequently needed items. The nets orange specks, missed previously, now picked up by orange sail, the black numbers, normally seen mid sail, pick up the liferaft black. This fine art in use of diverse materials is a pick-me-up from outside to in-ward…


The interior delights. Imagine brighter orange on the inside of an already orange bag? Could the inside bright orange make the gentle Squib now look faded, or is it, such a contrasting compliment on the same colour spectrum that they balance each other out? Either way, like an open treasure chest reflects its gold, AAAhhh…satisifaction. Your face reflects that feeling!







Unique features:

* Edition Variation II

* Back & Front: Keelboat Squib Sail

* Sides: Decommissioned Liferaft & trammel fishing net outer pocket

* Reinforced straps with airplane seat leather

* Gold leaf embossed ‘GOYOUROWNWAY’ MAMUKKO principle leather Zip Pull

* Inner: lined and padded with bright Emergency Life Vest

* Inner: grey zipped pocket

* Up-dated Mamukko Leather Logo 2021

* Unique bag ID with serial and batch number on back

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko



* New 2021 Dream Factory embossing gold leaf logo & ‘GOYOUROWNWAY’ Mamukko principle.

* Upcrafted from decommissioned natural Liferaft and trammel fishing net offcut

* Reinforced cotton shoulder straps, zipped internal pocket

* Lined with orange life vest manufacturing remnant material

* Upcycled with passion & care in Ireland by MAMUKKO

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler sewing machines

* Size: 48 cm X 25 cm X 25 cm