Rescued Buoy Hugo Boss Sail Tote


Limited Edition 1/1

This tote, similar to Balance Buoy tote and The Quest, is made using an advanced hitech surface finish. The straps are a tan low sheen finish and this is set off with Mamukko’s new design addition of a leather loop that is held to pull the zip, this is a bright patinated orange leather. High gloss melded with embossed texture under the sheen, it stinks of high quality!  Working with off cuts and rescued materials, the designers are limited to what they have in arms reach. So why does it work?  Why does the g-force pull this object, and us, towards each other

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Rescued Buoy Hugo Boss Sail Tote


The attraction of the hands and materials to each other, is distinctive in any craft. Early days, when nobody knew what up cycling was, Mamukko experimented through unwanted materials, such as tarpaulin, rope and blinds to settle on the toughest, most advanced technical and scientific cloth, which itself, was examined in most diverse and extreme weather condition on planet earth. Professional yacht racing, lasting months, are an endurance tests not just to the design and materials, but to human resilience in acute extremes. Could the Mamukko family be a parallel equivalent to these scientists in their field? Pioneers of their craft, tested to human endurance to physically work by hand with this carbon fibre transforming it from a linear sail to a high-end functional heirloom art piece. Respect.


Unique Features:

* Genuine Hugo Boss carbon fibre sail cloth from the Imoca 60 monohull race

* Genuine red vegetal leather shoulder straps

* Black sail repair tape detail on sewn sides

* Lined with a grey fabric

*  Inside upcycled grey soft sheen airplane seat leather pocket and zip end

* Bottom corners reinforced with black leather and white stitching



* Black YKK zip with runner

* Made from extra heavy waterproof sail fabric

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler & Singer sewing machines

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko designer couple, Nora and Attila

* Size: 34 x 44 x 12 cm


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