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The Quest Sling Bag Bum Belt


First Edition of 20 – New Product Launch 2020  

7 in stock (can be backordered)

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The Quest Sling Bag Bum Belt

 New Product Launch 2020



Die Waffen nieder! (Lay Down Your Arms!)


Futuristic hunter male/female, utility bum/fanny belt, cross over one shoulder, survival backpack, outdoor sports, travelling gear bag. (Gasped breath) Yes! It really is that multifuctional and adaptable!  Mamukko designers have done it again. It’s hot off the press, and these are the first run of 20. The brothers have been keeping The Quest close to their chest and under their belts for some time. This is another creation designed for their own needs, carrying around tools like groover’s, spacers, bevellers and sharp knives, along with the usual items getting around in the 21st Century demands. A useful companion for most outdoor hobby or crafts described below.


Attila has been spotted wearing it as a front one shoulder sling bag delivering new stock to the Mamukko shop. The Quest handy man belt bag has a shiny exterior gloss patina which picks up the light, a contrast to the under surface Hugo Boss black sail. The back is natural rubber liferaft, the sides a thick hardwearing cow hide, an airplane buckle snaps this one together, outside, assessable zipped pocket, inside, lined with orange material and hosting two extra pockets – a balanced companion for the ladies The Holy Grail  Touch Clutch. Both Together they make an elegant couple, fit for a promenade down the red carpet at the latest movie premiere, or down the aisle of the local green grocers. This is the manbag that enhances a tailored suit, that says, I do other things besides dressing sharp:- this bag is the MacGyver tools kit bag in case of life’s little emergencies, when you need to transform from suave at any party to jumping on a fast moving motor bike on James Bondesque-like missions to rescue your loved one’s broken-down car on the tracks from the fast moving train quickly approaching. It’s adaptable and lets you always be on the ready.


Some men’s quest is for the fastest, sleekest engine, for other’s, their Holy Grail is to live in love, sharing their talents and experiences with the woman that appreciates and exudes compatibly matched qualities, The Holy Grail  that encourages him to be his best and loves him as much for his limitations as for his successes. Either way, The Quest speaks to all men and women who know themselves to be the solo adventurer, the adaptor to all ocassions, the capable one that refuses to give up their quest’s to live life to the very full.


DESIGNER:  Levente Magyar

Connected Product; The Holy Grail Touch Clutch

Suitable outdoor hobby or crafts

Fishing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Archery, Rock Climbing, Paintball, Survival Training, Camping, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Orienteering, Martial Arts, Skateboarding, BMX, Mountain, Biking, Geocaching, Flint Knapping, Landscaping, Sculpting, Stone mason, Sailing, Canoeing, kayaking, Rock & Mineral Collecting, geology, Rebuilding Motorcycles, League Coaching, Mentoring, Formula One Event, Auto Racing, Surfing, Darts, Whittling, Gardening, Tree Surgery, Boxing, Dancing, Woodworking, Metalworking, Parachuting, etc.


Unique Features:

* Can be worn as a bum/fanny belt or as a backpack on one shoulder, front or back

* Front made from original Hugo Boss IMOCA 60 sail from an advanced monohull sailing yacht administered by the International Monohull Open Class Association

* Back made from heavy duty natural rubber liferaft

* Sides made from closed shoe factory cow hide leather

* Adjustable cotton canvas shoulder straps

* Two inside pockets for valuables

* Handmade embossed leather Mamukko label

*  Unique ID serial number and Imoca 60 logo

* Stitched on labels on the front


* Stitched to industrial strength with our well looked after & respected Adler & Singer sewing machines

* Handmade in Kinsale, Ireland by Mamukko

* Exclusive First Limited Edition. New Product Launch. Extremely Collectable

* Size: 33 x 18x 7 cm D36 ( 13 x 7.25 x 2.75  D14 Inches)

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