neutrogena IMOCA60 sail bag mamukko



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Mamukko _ “Mycuko”

Mycuko is a mini shoulder bag that accomodates all your favourite bits & pieces that you can’t part with on a day out or while on holidays.

Unique features:

* Made from a reclaimed ( upcycled ) Neutrogena IMOCA60 sail & genuine leather combination. This sail was used by Guillermo Altadill and José Muñoz in IMOCA New York Barcelona 2014 & Barcelona World Race 2014 – 2015 races.

* Limited edition bag with unique ID

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko brothers


* Leather components ( side & shoulder strap )

* Inside pocket, closure with zip

* Sail lined with a black fabric

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler & Singer sewing machines

* Size: 23 X 10 X 10  cm

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