Liferaft Tote – The Inner Light


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Liferaft, often considered the new vegan leather, feels like miniscule rubber velvet. This outer tote is 100 percent rubber. The bright side, is the inner bright seconds emergency life vest, always a surprise. The grey leather held zip secures your things inside. An aircraft leather seat, cut to size, is the inner pocket. The red veg tanned Italian leather make up the straps and zip holder. 


Go your own way, that’s why it’s our hashtag! 

Available on backorder

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Liferaft Tote – The Inner Light

Mamukko’s main ladies Liferaft Tote. Three were made and sold first, early 2019, on the cusp of our recent historic times. A lady who bought one, revisited the shop with it on her shoulder.  She treats it roughly, she reported, including even standing on it, adding, “it easily dusts it off, and it still looks respectable!”.


Well, not what you really want to hear happen to a quality crafted item, perhaps, however we appreciate our customers often model our products, even photo them, so perhaps product testing is just the next step in our valued relationship.


We value all inner lights, and craft our goods to reflect our customers to offer you a balanced design. 



VIKING’s description

Unique features:

* Limited edition tote bag made from natural rubber upcycled liferaft

* Handmade in Ireland by Nora and Attila


* Red genuine leather shoulder straps

* Reinforced leather corners for longer wear

* Upcycled airplane seat inside pocket

* Lined with seconds orange emergency life vest

* Black YKK  zip

* Made from decommissioned Liferaft rubber

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler sewing machines

* Size: 40 x 30 x 17 cm