iPad Liferaft Navigator



Liferaft natural rubber front and back, leather hide from a closing shoe factory, lined with seconds emergency life vest and extra long divider to keep your iPad secured straight up. An outer zipped compartment adds to its practicality. A great first man-bag, due to it’s subtlety and shy outer colour range. Can go unnoticed, unless you don’t want it to!


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iPad Liferaft Navigator


One of our best seller designs, the iPad Liferaft Navigator is consistently with us. Designed by Levente Magyar back in 2012 and still in production with various changes. Everyday, functional cross-body design.

Liferafts spend a decade rolled up in a pod in case needed for life saving purposes. Usually they are decommissioned then and shredded. Mamukko are delighted to be in a position to extend the life of this valuable hardwearing material for generations to come, as bags, like the liferaft iPad Navigator version.


VIKING’s description

\< Unique features: 

* Upcrafted from a heavy weight, decommissioned natural rubber liferaft

* Side, bottom & zip part from brown leather rescured from a closed shoe factory

* Limited edition of 5 with unique ID

* Stitched in label inside the bag carrying the hand – stamped serial number of this unique product

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko


* Front zipped pocket & inside compartments

* Adjustable heavy cotton shoulder strap

* Handmade embossed leather label on the front

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler sewing machines

* Size: 28 X 22 X 9 cm




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