The Holy Grail Touch Clutch


First Edition of 20 – New Product Launch 2020

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The Holy Grail Touch Clutch 2020

First Edition of 20 – New Product Launch


Mamukko designers have spared this special part of the IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss sponsored sail specially for the up-coming year 2020. These winter days, we may need that extra bit of help to add a little sparkle to our persona, as those of us in the northern hemisphere wake up from our shortest days  as they lengthen as Spring approaches on 2nd Feb. In Ireland we refer to it as the Festival of Imbolg. The Hugo Boss untarnished shiny silver sail catches and bounces back the light, it’s tactile hi-tech sail was developed with an outer UV protective patina, the layer below that is made from a special secret formula, created to reflect the light, not just on the silver, but also on black parts of the sail. This carbon fibre sail is a shining example of future sustainable low carbon products, yet to hit the open market.





“The Holy Grail” Touch Clutch communicates in a nonverbal way. Inexplicable feelings arise in holding this two toned creation, for those who have an aptitude to sense through touch. The back is low gloss airplane leather, the front, sometimes mottled fibrous silver that conveys information to our muscles and joints, as it swings from the wrist. On one hand, a wrist clutch, with a history of sailing in all weathers on the Vendée Globe, the Holy Grail for solo sailors, on the other hand, a high flyer over dale and sea – like an eagle who glimpses and comprehends the higher view.  A perfect companion for The Quest male counterpart who is all action, this Lady is smart, always keeps her cool and experienced beyond her years. No desire for the limelight, she accepts it graciously beaming with steadfast patience and perseverance.  The passing flashbulbs only get one chance,  for The Holy Grail there is no competition, she knows she IS the light.



This worthy companion will keep afloat through all emotional weathers, teamed with an ability to see the over view of what’s actually happening behind the scenes.


 DESIGNER: Nora Magyar

Connected Product : The Quest


Unique features:

* Hi-tech Hugo Boss silver sail front

* Grey airplane seat leather back  

* Airplane seat leather wrist strap

* Front stitch on labels containing limited edition number, unique ID serial number, Hugo Boss Imoca 60 and Airplane logo’s

* Handmade embossed leather Mamukko label



* Made from specially selected original IMOCA 60 Hugo Boss – Alex Thomson sail

* Handmade in Kinsale, Ireland by Mamukko brothers

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well looked after & respected Adler & Singer sewing machines

* First edition new product launch Exclusive Limited Edition; 20

* Size: 32 x 16 X 2 cm  D 35  (12.5 x 6 x 0.75 D 13.75)


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Additional information
Dimensions 32 × 2 × 16 cm
Dimensions 32 × 2 × 16 cm