Bird in the Pocket II



Liferaft Airplane Leather Combi  X-Over Small Bag


Indispensable, simple sling X-over made with the usual jivers: Reclaimed rubber liferaft, Airplane soft seat leather and veg tanned Italian leather straps. Fitting phone, pens, keys, you name it, essentials.


A welcome 2021 dub mix re-‘dition of “Bird in the Pocket” 2020 to celebrate open doors in the Mamukko Shop, Kinsale, not virtual, but real-time shop! This is, living, on the flipside…


This second Mamukko product flaunts the workings of the new Dream Factory embossing machine. New gold leaf Mamukko logo and an extra gold ‘GOYOUROWNWAY’ Mamukko principle. Historic.


GO YOUR OWN WAY – that’s why it’s our hashtag!

20 in stock (can be backordered)

“Bird in the Pocket II”


The saying, ‘The early bird catches the worm’ may work for slavic clocking in and out in factories but is a deterrent to creativity. Instead, tuning into another beat, perhaps the Schumman resonance of the earth we all call home and that all physical hearts beat alongside when in harmony? Or perhaps an inner beat unmeasured by words or the brain, where we travel further than outer space to deeper, inner space? Whatever it is, certain music captures that inner/outer beat that keeps us dancing and breathing in time.



Solid foundations are now established following the First Edition in 2020, and in preparations for the bigger things to come. Nora & Atti, friends, lovers and work colleagues, find their personal inspiration from Reggae music. It fuels their creative passion by dancing as they create. The instrumental mind occupied listening to the words leaves the body free to move in step, flow, relax:- hands dancing with the materials in joy, doing their bit to transform valuable waste into loving items for you.


See “Bird in the Bush Pocket” for conclusion



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Unique features:

* 2nd Edition

* Front made with decommissioned liferaft 

* Back made with blue airplane seat leather

* Brown leather strap

* Gold leaf embossed ‘GOYOUROWNWAY’ principle

* Brass fastener and loops for strap

* Unique bag ID with serial and batch number to follow

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko 


* Crafted from heavy duty waterproof rubber fabric

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler & sewing machines

* New handmade gold embossed leather Mamukko label

* Size:  23 x 16 x 4  D 28 (9.25 x 6.25 x 1.25   D 11)

Additional information
Upcycled Materials

"Rubber Liferaft" "Airplane Seat Leather"

Upcycled Materials

"Rubber Liferaft" "Airplane Seat Leather"

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