Bird in the Bush Pocket


Life Lovers Sail/Airplane Leather Combi 
X-Over Small Bag

Practical, simple sling X-over made with the usual top movers: Rescued Kevlar professional sail from the Volvo Ocean RaceAirplane soft seat leather and veg tanned Italian leather straps. Fitting phone, pens, keys & you name it essentials.


This life dance is for lifelovers, Mamukko’s “bird in the bush Pocket” made from raspberry sails rescued from the yacht, LifeLovers and funded by Camper® Shoes. Yes, Mamukko upcyle very diverse and historical materials!


GO YOUR OWN WAY, that’s why it’s our hashtag! 

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“Bird in the Bush Pocket”

A bad dancer comes in early or too late. Too late misses the cue, too early cuts off the previous move, it’s impetuous, unsure. Waiting ’til the very last minute to change, move or decide something, allows us fully complete through the previous move, to sup up all learning to arrive in perfect intelligent timing AND to be ready for the next beat.  


Too much passion and over prep can burn and zap, too little, blocks the airwaves. Taking bite-sized measured strides and paced timing takes TRUST. Trust all is in order, including you and your choices, even the ones you don’t know yet need choosing. 


How to do this in these unsettling times?   Accept the time is always right, your foot will always find solid ground and fit the groove, to ‘dance…. in the pocket’  


Put the music up, breath deeply, take nothing too seriously, listen for the next beat, trust your body.   Do the dance of love in doing what you love. We do. Work Style, Free Style.  

See “Bird in the Pocket” for more  


Emirates Team sailing our sail avoiding a collison with a whale. Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 


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Emirates Team New Zealand

Emirates Team New Zealand

Camper Life Lovers Yacht

Camper Lifelovers Yacht

Unique features:

* First Edition

* Front made with CAMPER sponsored sail from proffessional yacht, Life Lovers

* Back made with blue airplane seat leather

* Blue leather strap

* Gold leaf embossed ‘GOYOUROWNWAY’ principle

* Brass fastener and loops for strap

* Unique bag ID with serial and batch number to follow

* Handmade in Ireland by Mamukko 


* Crafted from heavy duty rainproof Kevlar and Leather fabrics

* Stitched to industrial strength with our well respected & looked after Adler sewing machines

* New embossed leather Mamukko label

* Size:  23 x 16 x 4  D 28 (9.25 x 6.25 x 1.25   D 11)

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Upcycled Materials

"Rubber Liferaft" "Airplane Seat Leather"

Upcycled Materials

"Rubber Liferaft" "Airplane Seat Leather"

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