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Family Holiday Camper Duffle Deluxe

Edition 1/1 This is the design that won the Mamukko bros a best product award in 2014 in Ireland's Creative Expo using the Astrid Tallship sea water damaged sails Mamukko also craft it from black decommissioned rubber liferafts, named Liferaft Duffle Deluxe. It's very unusual to see the design adapted to 'Lifelovers' professional yacht race sail, and perhaps, the second ever created using this bullet proof Kevlar repurposed sail.  It is the crème de la crème of Mamukko's products, a real stunner. The sail journeyed part of the epic Volvo Ocean Race in 2011–12, a duo collaboration between Camper, the Spanish international footwear manufacturer and Emirates Team New ZealandRacing was very close, down to minutes and seconds at the finish line after thousands of miles of ocean racing. Lifelovers proudly arrived finishing 2nd on four legs of the race. The race is considered one of the toughest events in sport, testing not just the hi-tech fabric, but also the competitors skill and endurance in some of the most extreme harsh climate conditions. This fabric has stood the test!   
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